Heroes of the Stars
Important Update // Sketches by Starriko
March 17th, 2019, 11:18 pm
Hello friends! The update today is running a little late because I just now got the chance to start working on it, so as soon as I finish it I will post it~

Next month I will be gone for the entire month because I will be going to the Philippines for my brother's wedding~ <3 <3 <3
I'm very excited for it, but at the same time, I would like to still have content scheduled to post here (on queue) while I'm gone. I ask that you bear with me at this time because for the rest of this month I will be building a buffer for a variety of things.

I'm trying to make sure that BOTH of my comics, social media and Patreon will at least have a couple of updates scheduled while I'm away because I will not have my laptop with me. I will be in an entirely different country for this matter
so until after April especially, the posting sched is just gonna REALLY be hectic for a while.

So after this update, I will be updating when i can whether on a Wednesday morning or Saturday night, and I know that's probably annoying or unfair, but I thank you for sticking around in my constant struggle for consistent updates. I will do my best to keep the update on Friday but just know that the update could be as hectic as 1 page every other week to maybe 2 mini updates in 1 week.

But honestly my goal is to get to Popstar before I leave for the Philippines and if I'm able to do that then I will take a break for next month, but if I don't then I will for sure have at least a couple of posts queued while I'm gone. I'll keep you guys updated in the weeks to come but I'll see you guys around. For the meantime, here are a couple more concept sketches i made before I started this comic.
But if you guys wanna see more content for this comic like concept illustrations, sketches and even fake OST samples, consider supporting my Patreon!!


(spoilers kinda)